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    I want to chase you here, everywhere.

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  4. For Mine

    "Kill me," she said, eyes full of water, cheeks wet with tears and muddy with mascara. Her hair was in my hand, her knees between my feet. Those knees were bruised for days.

    She begged. But I didn’t have any mercy left to give.

    So I tore her apart, every inch of her flesh changed the color of my depravity. Made her crawl and scream and laugh and sigh. When I was finished, she had forgotten her request. She had forgotten her name.

    "Tell me who you are," I said, her hair in my hand, her lips parted, my seed dripping down her chin.

    "Yours, Sir. Yours."


  5. Come on, say it again, I am a perfect devil. Tell me how bad I am. It makes me feel so good.


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